Brow Pencil - Auburn

Palladio Brow Pencil - Auburn

Brow Pencil  -  Auburn

0.60g net


Discountined, no longer available.

Key Info

  • For a natural look.
  • With spiral brush to smooth, shape and soften.
  • With conditioning waxes.


Soft, gentle crayons to naturally create a brow line, fill in or emphasise. The blend of natural waxes helps to maintain healthy brows and gives a subtle, natural shade.

Includes an integrated spiral wand for taming and smoothing the eye brows.


Cottonseed oil
Carnauba wax

To Use

Lightly stroke pencil to create tiny, hair-like lines wherever brow needs filling in or extending.


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Use a shade that best matches your eyebrow colour.
Blonde - A pale mushroom
Taupe - Pale grey/brown
Auburn - Mid warm brown
Brown - Dark Brown

Apply to brows using short, fine lines to fill in where needed.

Stroke upward and outward with brow brush to shape and blend.