4D Boost Herbal Mascara - Volumizing Black

Palladio 4D Boost Herbal Mascara - Volumizing Black

4D Boost Herbal Mascara - Volumizing Black

12ml wand


Discountined, no longer available.

Key Info

  • 4D Boost - Volumising
  • MaxxLash - Lengthening
  • Curls Rule - Curling
  • Aqua Force - Waterproof Defining


Four herbal-enriched mascaras, each with a unique brush designed to deliver specific results.

Choose from Volumizing, Lengthening, Curling or Waterproof Defining.

Lash-enhancing ingredients, such as bamboo and rice wax for protection, olive wax for conditioning and film-forming polymers for lash building, assure these mascara must-haves deliver on their promises.


Olive wax
Rice wax
Bamboo wax
Vitamin E
Carnauba wax

Free From

Parabens, Mineral oil, Perfume.

Choose From

4D Boost (volumizing)

Soft-bristle, jumbo-sized brush for a volumizing effect without the clump. Special, hollow fibers provide a lash-enhancing look that goes above and beyond 3D.

MaXXLash (lengthening

Wide-gap wand for incredible lengthening effect and dramatic volume. The ultimate brush for endless length!

Curls Rule! (curling)

Belly-shaped whirl wand for outstanding curling effect. Get perfectly wide-eyed, curled lashes thanks to spaced bristles that allow for an eye-opening effect!

Aqua Force (waterproof defining)

Special, slim-shaped wand defines even the tiniest lashes, and delivers optimal application of this creamy formula for all-day, waterproof wear.

All mascaras available in black and brown.


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